Oct 032011

Calling all massage therapists, Reiki practitioners and reflexologists! Acupuncturists, homeopaths and estheticians too!

This is the only book that brings the two topics of holistic healing and business together, using the human body as a metaphor. Love, Light, and Business is geared specifically for holistic healing practitioners who want to learn how to run a successful business. Whether you want to work on the legal (skeletal), financial (cardiovascular), or marketing (reproductive) aspects of your practice, this book offers dozens of practical strategies.

The interactive workshop format guides you step-by-step to discover: your hidden strengths;what to do yourself and what to delegate; how to communicate your practice’s unique focus; the best business structure for you; how to attract and retain clients; where to locate your office and how to set it up; how to hire and manage employees; simple solutions for bookkeeping and office management.

Have you found business tough to learn?
This groundbreaking book is your solution!

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Jun 042011

Love, Light & Business: Business Anatomy for Holistic Healers is sold at Balboa Press, in softcover and as an eBook! Are you ready to buy?  Click here to go to www.balboapress.com  

This informative, fun and helpful book makes an ideal gift for the holistic practitioners in your life, even if their practice is already established! 

Not only holistic wellness practitioners will benefit from this book.  Anybody who has a holistic lifestyle and who has a business will find that this book addresses their concerns too, and speaks a language that makes sense to them.  Artists, musicians and spiritually oriented businesspeople have reported enthusiastically that this book is exactly what they need.

Ask you local bookstore to carry this unique book; they will be happy to oblige.